We met with Bridget for a 90-minute private lesson. Bridget was very patient with our American Bulldog and with us. Our dog was very stressed and anxious and getting her to focus was proving to be a little difficult. Bridget adjusted her training style to accommodate our dog's needs. By the end of the first lesson our dog, Lexi, was looking to us for direction on four new cues. We appreciate the positive behavior reinforcement training style. We tried prong collar training with another trainer in the past and that proved to be more harmful than helpful. We are definitely scheduling more lessons with Pawsome Pups Dog Training to continue the training for all of us.

Eric Russell
February 18th, 2018

Our new boy Tank just had his first private training with Bridget of Pawsome pups dog training. It was an amazing experience for us and the dog and we learned a ton of techniques to help us teach Tank to be a good dog citizen. We learn almost as much as him. We are excited to be joining the upcoming Elementary training sessions to continue the amazing work we started today.

Jesse LeFranc
February 17th, 2018

Bridget is simply amazing! Within an hour she was able to train our terrier four essential skills that were easy for us to replicate. She focuses on positive reinforcement which we were seeking. We are looking forward to our next training session!

Mark Curtis
February 15th, 2018

We had Bridget come to our house for a private lesson with our 4 month old goldendoodle. She gave us so many ideas for how to handle his extremely rambunctious behavior. She helped us set him on the right track. Now we're in Puppy Kindegarten and he is starting to get socialized with other dogs. Bridget is always so helpful with our many questions!! We're looking forward to more classes!!

Nancy Nicolai
February 10th, 2018

Within one private session, Bridget was able to take our English Bulldog from being extremely reactive to other dogs (read, attacking them) to walking by one (a male German Shepard no less) and not noticing. We are working on all of the methods at home and it is beyond amazing what we can now do with our dog. And all this without a shock or choke collar - just positive reinforcement! So worth the investment!! We are continuing and encourage everyone with a dog to do this. Only one regret - not knowing about her sooner.

Susie Tweeten
January 5th, 2018

My husband and I have three rescue dogs, the youngest of which -- a Pom -- lately has taken to being aggressive toward the oldest - a Cocker. We were at our wits end in terms of how to stop the behavior and reached out to Bridget to see if she could help. She responded to our request the same day, even over the holidays, and we saw her yesterday. Bridget truly is a miracle worker. We had an 1-1/2 hour appointment, although she stayed longer, and by the end of our time we had Sit and Down working -- which is a feat given the Pom is very fearful given her horder upbringing -- and were working on Leave It. I was able to successfully use the latter this morning to interrupt breakfast shenanigans. I will recommend Bridget to all of my friends and my mother!

Vali Fayen
December 28th, 2017

Hi Bridget, I am so excited I had to tell you, we took Jaco for a walk with his new harness and this is the first time I have been able to walk him without him pulling me. I actually enjoyed walking with him and he looked very comfortable with the harness, no resistance. I walked him by this new construction and there were some contractors working and walking on the road so I was able to practice. I brought treats and practiced leave it and he did not bark once. We walked by again and he was looking at me instead of the men working. Before if we walked by that same area he would bark nonstop and pull me, today it was a different Jaco. He barked and pulled when he saw cars also, and today that didn't happen. I thank you so much, it is not true that you cannot teach an older dog, he is a very polite dog. My husband just stares at him and tells me I don't know what to say, what did Bridget do to Jaco to get him that calm. God Bless you and thanks so much. Di

Dioselina Vazquez
November 11th, 2017

I contacted Bridget to help me with my German Shepherd Dog who was becoming too much for me, very rambunctious. I opted to have a private session with her and it has been the best decision. My dog had attended obedience training before in one of those big pet shops to no avail and a waste of time. I wish I would've had found her two years ago. After 90 minutes with Bridget I was well trained and my dog now understands what I want. This session was a complete success and I am very grateful to Bridget. I will definitely contact her for more training and definitely recommend her.

Ruben & Dioselina Vazquez
November 9th, 2017

I highly recommend Bridget for your dog training needs! I asked for her help with my newly adopted cocker spaniel, Mystic, who is a bundle of energy. I don't think she had had any previous training. Bridget was able to get her doing Sit, Down and Leave It within the hour. Her approach was very positive and patient, yet consistent and effective. I already feel that Mystic is calmer and more attentive. I also appreciated the fact that Bridget didn't make me feel like an idiot for not being as skillful as she is. She also gave me great advice on how to handle some of the issues I'm having with Mystic, such as pulling on the leash. I'm looking forward to doing more training with Bridget!

Allison Hodge
October 29th, 2017

Bridgette's training is such a success due to her creative way to think like a Pup! Her training is enforced behaviour based on positive reinforcement. My fiance and I found Bridget on a last minute split decision on needing training when our 18 week (at the time ) Sheppard pup decided it would be fun to get into a strangers car. We were not familiar with trainers in the area. We turned to the internet and found Bridget. Based on her reviews online, and the fact that she has her own set of Sheppard pups, we figured this was our girl! We got more than we could have hoped for. Bridgette's free spirit and love for dogs really shows through her trainings. Her classes range from elementary all the way to adult specialty training! We could not be more pleased and happy to continue training for our pup ad long as Bridgette feels he can learn. 5 YES's to pawsome pups dog training !!!!

Candice Stirling
October 25th, 2017

Although our puppy was a little late (older) for puppy kindergarten, she did fine as a small dog. Bridget offers some customized training and group training (like loose leash walking) and gives us puppy homework to do. We have steadily progressed in a short time, so positive training works.

Susan Lin ScD, OTR/L, FAOTA
October 14th, 2017

So many wonderful things about training that I never knew until meeting with Pawsome Pups. The one on one training was the best for our puppy and he responded so very well! Very thankful that we found this place and very much enjoyed the group classes as well.

Maggie Shabe
Sept 29th, 2017

Well I definitely should have started training with Bridget as soon as I brought Souter home. Her positive reinforcement methods are exactly what I had hoped and they worked! I am sure I learned just as much as Souter did. Definitely taking classes and looking forward to having a well behaved pooch. Thank you so much Bridget for the help and insight!

Tina Markland
Sept 19th, 2017

we highly recommend Bridget - Pawsome Paws has been life changing for us. We recently rescued a 12 week old Chocolate lab & have 2 senior black labs (12 yr old brother & sister). in one session, Bridget was able to teach both our pup Blaze & my husband and I tools & an excellent effective positive method to address problems. Blaze is an extreme mouther & was relentlessly jumping & biting both us and our senior dogs - without aggression - just trying to play. but any puppy owners know how razor sharp puppy teeth can be. Acclimating him to our household has been challenging to say the least. it's been 3 weeks of snarling, growling, barking - some yelling (+ a few tears of frustration : ). I genuinely thought we were not the right family for Blaze but truly after a couple hours of training with Bridget, we are far on our way to peace & harmony at home. we're going to begin puppy classes & look forward to continuing this fabulous progress. What a difference Bridget has made to our lives... priceless!!

Tammy Valentine
Sept 3rd, 2017

I reached out to Bridget before I purchased my puppy and she had some GREAT advice on when to bring him home, how to best socialize him, and some other helpful information that allowed me to select the right puppy and breeder. She is very responsive and clearly is passionate about what she does. She spent a good amount of time answering my questions before we even had training set up. I look forward to using her for training my pup!

Lisa Phillips Sinclair
August 26th, 2017

Bridget was amazing. We have a timid girl, and she taught us some great things that we can work on daily. You can see her passion, and genuine care her clients. Highly recommend!!

Elizabeth Cook
August 17th, 2017

Bridget went out of her way to travel and evaluate a German shepherd in rescue. She was fair in her assessment and took the time needed to determine the type of home this dog would be able to flourish in. This was such an important piece for this Shepherd and her ability to hopefully find her forever home. Bridgets positive reinforcement training skills were just what was needed.

Kelly Allamong Hess
August 9th, 2017

Bridget knows her stuff. Very passionate about the "proper" and not heavy handed method of dog training. Her dogs love her and so do everybody else's. She can help you and your dog through any difficult problems should those arise. Just ask the two GSD that were going to be euthanized due to aggression. Now they live in harmony with other dogs and even cats. Can't say enough good things about Bridget and her dog training methods.

Cheryl Parks
August 1st, 2017

We started training classes with our 8.5 week old puppy because my spouse and I had never had a puppy so young and wanted to start off right with our little guy. We also didn't want to use harsh training methods (like choke chains or e-collars) and the fact that Bridget doesn't even allow those in her classes made a great first impression on paper. I didn't really know what to expect when we started and was a little out of my league and a little intimidated, but when we walked out of the very first session with our wee baby dog knowing how to sit and walk on a leash in under an hour, I was impressed. Bridget is great with recognizing which dogs are better paired together and which ones likely shouldn't interact and then pairs them up for individual play time during the sessions. Having the combination of social time and training time. She truly understands their behaviors and the way they think. I've never seen dogs adjust to training so quickly. I honestly wish I had gone to her with my last dog because she's great with all ages and stages of dogs, but I just didn't know to even look for her! Our dog is now 5.5 months old and he has since graduated puppy kindergarten and just completed elementary manners. Those two classes are very similar in training, but elementary is a smaller class, more focused, and it really does help reinforce the behavior as the dog is growing and changing constantly. We plan on enrolling in more classes so we can continue our dog's growth and development because Bridget really does understand dogs and has really helped us with a crazy puppy!

Tovah McDonald
July 29th, 2017

I have this amazing rescue dog, Caesar the Saint Bernard, who is...perfectly imperfect...in certain situations that need to be fixed. I called Bridget to set up an appointment and wow oh wow. Her approach is ideal for anyone who has done their research and KNOWS that choking their dogs, shocking their dogs, or associating bad behavior with pain DOES NOT WORK and can bring forth MORE negative personality traits as a result. I look forward to continuing to work with her, and know that we've found an ideal match with Bridget. Thanks again!!!

Jessica Miltenberger
July 26th, 2017

Bridget helped me with fireworks and thunder anxiety with my German Shepherd Lacie! She had been having issues for some years now. I don't like to give her the prescription medicines because of the awful side effects of those. The thunder shirt didn't phase her. Now I don't dread the fireworks or the thunder. Lacie is so much calmer because of the help I received from Bridget. She lays and sleeps through it instead of stressing out now. Thanks so much Bridget!

Laurie Lynn Ratliff-Rodrick
July 15th, 2017

Bridget is a very thoughtful, gentle, and positive trainer. She brings a great deal of knowledge and experience with her. We used other trainers but with Bridget we have had excellent results. I went from a Boston Terrier Puppy that was biting to a calm and lovable pup. Bridget is worth every cent we have paid. Love her and highly recommended her.

Mary McAdams
June 26th, 2017

If you live in the northern Virginia area and you're looking for an amazing dog trainer...look no further! I was so nervous to take our sweet pup Kip to a dog trainer, but I'm so glad we did. Kip has some fear aggression with men and after reading all of Bridget's reviews, I thought she ma be the perfect fit for Kip. Immediately upon arriving to our private session, she was calm and sweet with Kip. Within 15 minutes into the session, he was responding to commands from her such as sit, down and leave it! We had a two hour private session and I can honestly say I saw a huge difference in Kip just after the one session. He seems to have more confidence, is listening to my commands when he becomes nervous and seems happier! She only uses positive training methods...which was a must for us. She trains using treats, eye contact and positive reinforcement! We will be going back for her elementary manners class in a few weeks and I am sooo excited to see the progress Kip will continue to make! Like I have told so many people already..she is like a dog angel! Thanks Bridget!

Kelsey Kelley
June 4th, 2017

Money well spent. Highly recommend Positive approach is effective efficient and my dog is eager to learn. Bridget is very skilled. She has a plan for each class and a targeted skill to teach but customizes and tailors the class to address your dogs needs. The training strategies Bridget uses are beyond my expectations! I have had lots of dogs and trained them in basic commands over the years. Her approach is very effective. The strategies are efficient. My dog is eager to learn more and more. She is patient and competent. During sessions she has a skill introduced but also customizes and individualizes strategies according to your pets needs. My Husky learned to walk with out pulling in a matter of a week! I highly recommend her positive strategies. The classes are money well spent for Happy Dogs and happy people.

Crissy King
May 13th, 2017

Bridget is wonderful! We recently moved to the area with our new 7 month old puppy. Deciding to rescue a puppy while renovating a home, selling it and then living in a hotel for a month waiting on the new house was not the smartest decision on my boyfriend and my's part... and our highly energetic Wednesday agreed... so did our 10 year old Maltese who was usually on the receiving end of Wednesday's high energy! Once we got settled into the area we decided that puppy training was a must and after a simple Yelp search we got extremely lucky and found Bridget at Pawsome Pups. I loved the idea of rewards based training, and after meeting Bridget in person I knew she was the right choice for us. After our first day of class my boyfriend and I could easily see that Bridget was passionate about what she did and could definitely help us. After four weeks of classes our highly energetic puppy has now mastered sit, down and leave it.... the last, being one our Maltese is extremely grateful for. We have decided to continue on with Wednesday's training for another five week class to continue building on these skills. We are so thankful for Bridget and all the help she has provided us in training Wednesday and, as she has pointed out, helping us build our relationship with Winnie in the process!!!! I would definitely recommend Pawsome Pups Training to anyone looking for help with their furry family members!

Stacey Fink
May 5th, 2017

I highly recommend Bridget at Pawsome Pups! Lola, my three-year old mixed breed dog who had never been formally trained, loves Bridget and has made great progress since we started training classes. Bridget is obviously an animal lover and she instantly recognized my dogs fearfulness and timidity. When Lola is scared to try something new, Bridget always comes up with a way to make Lola feel more comfortable. Bridget never forces the Lola to do something that she isn't comfortable with - she just patiently tries new ways to introduce concepts and work with Lola until they're second nature.

We initially went to Bridget because Lola was terrorizing my boyfriend's cat after we moved in together. We scheduled a private, in-home training (highly recommended) and Bridget was able to teach us methods that would allow Lola and the cat to develop a positive relationship. She expertly explained why the methods we were using weren't working (keeping the animals separated all the time and tying Lola up with a leash in the house). Within four weeks, our house was completely transformed and now Lola can peacefully co-exist with the cat. We are so grateful for Bridget and her positive training methods

Jennifer Johnson
April 25th, 2017

Bridget is just as patient with the pups as she is with the humans- which we appreciate because we're learning, too! We appreciate the positive reinforcement and love coming to the puppy kindergarten classes. She is always finding ways to helps us with our stubborn puppy. Our oldest doxie is a natural well-trained sweetie but we wish we had found her sooner for our middle dachsund as we are seeing such a difference with our youngest.

Bridget does a fantastic job. My 5 month old puppy was sitting in less then 10 minutes and continues to sit to this day. She was able to train my 8 year old and 2 year old dachshund as well. We continue to take lessons on the weekends .

Bekah Nicole
April 22nd, 2017

Bridget does a fantastic job. My 5 month old puppy was sitting in less then 10 minutes and continues to sit to this day. She was able to train my 8 year old and 2 year old dachshund as well. We continue to take lessons on the weekends with her and others. We will also continue to use her to train our future dogs. I was in great need of professional assistance for training dachshunds and I found it with Bridget.

Christopher Gardner
April 15th, 2017

Bridget has been a life saver for us. Our German Shepherd puppy is a real challenge, and Bridget's kindness, patience, and extensive knowledge have helped Kobi become a wonderful member of our family. Bridget is more than a dog trainer--she's a great person all around. She's always available to answer questions, no matter how dumb! Our puppy is always so happy to see her. We recommend Pawsome Pups to anyone who has a dog.

Normal Bailey
April 8th, 2017

Where do I even start. I have been working with dogs myself for over 15 years. I have worked with several trainers over the years but Bridget is by far my favorite. I recently met her due to several of her clients raving over her. I have seen first hand how her clients and their dogs have been transformed by her positive reinforcement training. I recommend her to anyone no matter what the issue is. Weather it be just meer training or a behavioral issue, or for a want to be therapy dog. Everyone who I have encountered, that has been to her, can not believe how great she is with their dog. In the past I have encountered trainers who use prongs, chokers, and electronic shock, I have also witnessed dogs being hit, yanked on by the neck, and traumatized by other training methods. But Bridget is gentle and takes her time to understand the dog and their owner. I have met all of her own dogs and have seen her transform a aggressive dog that was terrorized by a man, into a sweet and trusting animal. If you are willing to listen to her advice and follow through with what she asks, I guarantee you will have a amazing dog as well.

Krystal Savage
March 17th, 2017

We have found Pawsome Pups a fantastic training experience. Our dog was extremely nervous during the first class, however the constant positive reinforcement made him excited about the class and his training! We can not praise this dog training enough! We highly recommend it!

Kaye Stumb
March 6th, 2017

After trying a few different techniques and approaches to training my puppy, Pawsome Pups really was a beacon of hope. Bridget has an amazing way with dogs and I was shocked to come out of my first session having more knowledge and more control than I have had during any previous attempts with other methods. My puppy is learning so much though positive reinforcement and she absolutely loves training now. So glad that I found this trainer!

Sam Priber
February 22nd, 2017

Bridget at Pawsome Pups has been a miracle worker with our puppy! She has a huge knowledge base and ENDLESS patience. My husband and I enjoy the classes as much as our puppy does. We're looking forward to the next one.

Norma Bailey
February 12th, 2017

I contacted Bridget prior to bringing home my eight week old German Shepherd (not my first rodeo), and found her very supportive and understanding. (I had heartbreak after my last German Shepherd had passed earlier this year). Bridget is very positive and optimistic, and watches how handler and dog react/respond (let's face it we are all a little different) to one another, and makes appropriate methods of training work. Pawsome Pups is a positive rewards training method, which is not how my other GS was trained. I found it to be very pleasant and straight forward, as my Cooper is very well behaved whenever we take him out, which is often. He is a little gentleman at 5 1/2 months old. I would absolutely recommend her classes, and should you be having issue with your dog, Cooper was pretty typical for a GS puppy, but watched as she dealt with other situations, clearly making a difference with training.

We have gone through two sets of classes, everything taught to Cooper and me, has stuck. I am pleased. I did exactly as Bridget suggested, as far as socializing and puppy daycare, again very pleased. It was nice to be in a class with other breeds, which allows you to really learn so much more. It was a good experience for me and of course Cooper. There were times that Bridget helped me with Cooper as my knees are bad, and to see Cooper with Bridget was wonderful. He knew "she's the trainer". Any first time owner, should absolutely be taking these training classes as basic training/skill set. Should you wish to advance, you can do that too. Very comfortable environment to be in.
Thank you Bridget for the love of the dog!

Alice Middleton
December 11th, 2016

Bridget is the best! Very knowledgeable, patient, and kind to dogs and their "parents". Our puppy, Kobi, is a very sweet girl, but she's a bit of a challenge, and thanks to Bridget, she's come a long way. We plan to enroll in more classes. Thanks again, Bridget!

Norma Bailey
December 3rd, 2016

Joey (my puppy), and I have learned so much from Bridget! I love the reward based training, and so does he. Would defiantly recommend to a friend.

Midge Field
October 17th, 2016

Bridget has done a great job helping us train our 6 month old German Shepherd puppy. She's helped with basic manners as well as teaching us how to handle our dog's excessive jumping and excitability. We highly recommend Pawsome Pups!

Lesley L
August 22, 2016

Pawsome Pups has been excellent. They have been extremely flexible in when and where to train our puppy and Boo (our pup) has learned so much at such a young age.
Thank you!

Dan Kasabian
August 16, 2016

Bridget is an excellent dog trainer! She has been so helpful with the training of our pup Otis, the Great Dane. She recently took care of him while we were on vacation for 4 days. I could not have found anyone more kind, gentle and responsible. Thank you Bridget for your training and your caring.

Thankful Mom,
Jann Petrosino

Jann Petrosino
August 13, 2016

Thank you Bridget for helping my family with Nina. Nina was adopted in Augusta County Virginia and was very shy, resulting in fear biting. You gave me tools to use and knowledge of her body language, that has Nina fully integrated into our home. We love her and appreciate all you have done. It is so nice to hear people say "What a sweet dog you have". I hope your training business is as much a success as our little Nina!

Tim Ross
July 20th, 2016

Bridget has a natural talent to go along with the extensive education she has sought for dog behavior and training. As an avid rescuer and pet owner, I have relied on her knowledge to help my personal dogs, as well as assist in saving the lives of otherwise un-adoptable dogs. Thank you Bridget for your patience and willingness to approach each animal as the unique being that it is, and finding ways to help make good citizens of each and every one. Sparty, my once deemed dangerous, pittie mix, is a great family member, who now helps us help other dogs with bad histories.

Thank you!!!

Melissa M.
Purcellville, VA
July 14th, 2016

Bridget helped with the training of our dog Bosch and showed us new methods of training I'd never done before in the past. Bosch doesn't normally like strangers right off, so I was amazed that he took right to her on their first meeting. She explained to me some things she did with her body language to make him feel more at ease with her from the beginning. She used all rewards based methods while working with our dog and he loved the training. He is always excited to see her when she comes for a training session. I highly recommend her!

Mark A.
Winchester, VA
July 12th, 2016

Thank you for all you do for my boy Thomas!

Salvati Animalele Baia Mare
June 16th, 2016

I'm learning so many new things! Thank you.

Adelina Farkas
June 15th, 2016

Thank you for helping my boy, Sparty, become a social gentleman!

Melissa Murray
November 28, 2015

Bridget you did an excellent job with Zeus! I was very happy with him and I feel he is a much better dog!

Sue Andrews
September 5, 2015